Kerberos - C64/C128 MIDI Flash Interface

Kerberos is a MIDI interface for the C64 and C128 with integrated flash memory. With this cartridge for the expansion port you can connect MIDI devices like keyboards and synthesizer to your C64 or C128. The 2 MB integrated flash memory allows to save programs for quick start, which you can transfer over MIDI from a PC or Mac. The 128 kB integrated RAM can be used for programs as a memory extension. The cartridge provides an EasyFlash emulation as well, you can store an EasyFlash CRT image with up to 1 MB on it.

Pre-installed is a menu system to start the programs on flash and to flash new programs, and the following programs:

All initial installed programs are available here.

The project was successfully funded on Startnext (English page, German page). You can buy it here in the Protovision Shop. See the Kerberos MIDI Google Groups for a discussion forum.

The program to upload PRG files to the flash, Kerberos App, is available for PC (Windows) and Mac (tested on Mac OS X Yosemite, but should work with older versions, too).

Kerberos App V1.1 for Windows

Kerberos App V1.1 for Mac


Quick Start Guide

User's Guide

Developer's Guide

For bug reports you can use the GitHub "issues" system, or send me an eMail. If you want to discuss new features or write about what you do with your Kerberos cartridge, or read what other people do with it, visit the Kerberos MIDI Google Groups.

Screenshot of the C64 menu system

Screenshots of the Kerberos App

Source code and schematic

The project is open source, all source code and the Eagle schematic are available on the GitHub project page.

16. August 2019, Frank Buß