A logic puzzle game, written in Common Lisp with the LispWorks CAPI graphics library.

You are the red circle. Move with the number keys. The goal is to connect all green circles to the white circle by moving around the channel pieces. A solution for the map below: 341331144545633344412653362213 (1=bottom left, 2=bottom, 3=bottom right, 4=top left, 5=top, 6=top right).

Can you find a better solution or can you create a more challenging map? Then send it to me and I'll publish it on this web page.

Compiled Windows version

Compiled MacOS version

Compiled Linux version (needs Motif or LessTif)

Source code

News: 6. February 2005: the Windows version now has a mouse mode for playing. You can move by clicking to an empty field, or you can first select a channel and the program shows all possible targets, which can be selected with another mouse click.

News: 7. February 2005: a Java Applet version

News: 17. May 2005: "GP lisper" has found a much shorter solution for the demo level: 131244556362213

Windows screenshot:

Mac screenshot:

Motif screenshot:

On Knoppix 3.2 with LessTif:

17. May 2005, Frank Buß