CLIM is a GUI library for Common Lisp, see the entry in CLiki. It is not easy to learn CLIM, because there are not much examples, compared to Java, but it is a powerful library and I hope the examples on this page are useful. Because I'm a CLIM and Lisp newbie, the programs might be sometimes more complicated than necessary, so if any Lisp master has improvements, I'll integrate it.

Painter (the source) is a small example for a custom pane, which reacts on mouse events ("pointer" in CLIM terminology) and behaves like this Java Applet. A screenshot (Wacom's graphics tablets are nice :-)

I've tested it with LispWorks, the initialization sequence (require "clim") might be different for other implementations, but the rest of the program should work in every CLIM implementiation. Should be easy to enhance it to a little image editing application, with different brushes, color and file handling.

The tilt maze game (the source) is a longer example:


24. Oktober 2004, Frank Buß