Flash implementation. First click on the source ball, then the target field. Click on "New Game" to reset the board.

The Trisoli board looks like this:


The first turn you can move a white or blue ball. After moving white or blue you must move the red ball, then again white or blue. For example the white ball:

move 1

Then you must move the red ball:

move 2

And then e.g. a blue ball:

move 3

The goal is to exchange all white and blue balls, with the red ball in the center again:


Note: This goal was described in the manual of the original wood game, but it is impossible.

POV-Ray source for the images (download POV-Ray for free to render the images yourself)

Common Lisp source code by me, which solves the game

Kogut source code by Marcin Kowalczyk, which solves the game

Discussion in comp.lang.lisp about this problem

Discussion in de.sci.mathematik, with a prove why it is not solvable

28. Dezember 2005, Frank Buß